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Anti-Glare - Protect your eyes from harsh computer light and prevent fatigue with this colorful screen dimmer
Clip Reader- Speak text aloud from any web page or document with the option to convert voice playback to portable MP3s
Quick Snapshot  - Quickly take a snapshot of a desktop window or your entire screen in just one click.
Safe Exit - Keep Windows from closing while you have document editing programs open or any other program.
Net Check - Know instantly when you lose your internet connection with audio sound and visual cues.
Software Creations FLV Converter - Convert FLV, MP3, MP4 ,Mov, files and more to a variety of media file formats (Direct purchase only)
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Search By Voice - Search by speaking text into ten different popular browser search boxes or type with your voice
Snap Search -  Instant text search utility searches just by copying text. Includes 25 optional search engines. (Direct purchase only)
KJV Bible

Translate Mirror -  Translate text into another language and hear it read aloud instantly