Display On (Android)
This app, Display On keeps your
display on indefinitely until the
app is closed. As long as the app
is on your Android screen display
will stay on, even if you hit the
home button and start another app.
This will cause your battery to
use more energy so you will have
to charge your battery a little more.
To avoid this we recommend that
you dim your display slightly and
that the battery saver mode is on
to save power and check whatever
apps can be put to sleep that are
wasting power that are running in
the background.
Testing: You can test this app
just by running it and seeing how
long it will take to get here. The
app will exit after ten minutes so
if your screen normally closes in
five minutes it proves Display On
is working. Get it now by clicking
on the Pay Pal button below, then
email us the hardware id copied to
your device's clipboard. It serves
as your account number on our site.
This also gives you free automatic
upgrades whenever a new version
is released for life and email support.