Safe Exit Software
  Safe Exit is a simple utility that temporarily prevents your computer from shutting down when specific programs are still running.
How many times have you decided to shut down your computer while you haven't saved a document and then suddenly realize at that instant that you haven't saved your work? Safe Exit protects you from shutting down your computer and losing your work that you may have spent hours working on. Safe Exit creates a list of programs you want to double check that they are closed. If it finds that program hasn't been closed it will prevent Windows from closing when you click on the Windows shut down power option.

                                                              Prevents accidental Windows system shutdowns
                                                              Saves hours of work lost
                                                              Reminds you to double check your work
                                                              Program choices are saved for next use
                                                              Easy to use, no settings required

                                                Registration benefits:
                                                              Unlimited use of Safe Exit for a lifetime
                                                              One time payment
                                                              Lifetime free upgrades
                                                              Free technical support

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