Translate Mirror Software
Translate Mirror leverages Google Translate and text to speech technology to help you learn
foreign languages by speaking your original text and then the Google translation to help you remember.

Let's you hear both the original text and the translation aloud.

Click to replay just the translation or both the original text and the translation as many times as you wish.

Each time you translate text each translation is saved in a text file for review or for replay.

Uses Google to translate allows you to see alternative translations on the screen.

Google supports 103 languages and translates over 100 billion words every day.

Translate a few words or entire paragraphs.

Just add a language and a voice from Windows language settings to start and restart settings to begin.

Tested to work with Chinese, English, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish - See the video demo.

Minimal price of just $15 for a year or $39.99 for a lifetime.

Secure online payment through Pay Pal, the world's most trusted online payment processor.

Video Demo(Click)