Prayer Screen Dimmer
This is the landing page for the prayer themed screen dimmer for Android from Software Creations.
It doesn't get any easier or faster to change your Android  screen brightness by installing our app.

By installing the app it gives you a new way to launch your screen
brightness adjustment from an icon and make the change you wish in just a few seconds.

Adjusting screen brightness is no big deal, this app just makes it a snap to adjust screen brightness.

The prayer theme added to our dimmer reminds us to seek God in prayer whenever we use the app.

The encouraging text reminds us that when we pray God will change our situation when we trust and believe.

Our screen dimmer works on older version back to Android 8 up to the newest, version 13.

You can get our prayer themed screen dimmer at Google Play:

The simple screen dimmer without a theme is available at Google Play: Here

You can download the prayer screen dimmer apk file directly by clicking Here

You can download the screen dimmer apk file directly by clicking

Countries, Languages supported: Arabic, Amharic, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Belgium, Bengali, Brazil, Burmese, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Congo, Dutch, Egypt, English, Filipino, French, German, Hong Kong, Hindi, Indonesian, India, Kenya, Kuwait, Italian, Japanese, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Netherlands, Nigeria, Persian, Peru, Polish, Polynesia, Portugal, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Singapore, South Africa, Spanish, Sri Lanka, Swahili, Switzerland, Tanzania, Taiwan, Tamil, Tanzania, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, UAE, United Kingdom, Uganda, Urdu, Venezuela, Vietnamese