Net Check Software
Net Check is a simple program that monitors your internet connection and lets you know
when your connection is suddenly disabled. When a line coming from your ISP is
suddenly disconnected or damaged and your internet connection is lost you are notified
in seconds with audio and visual warnings to let you know you're disconnected.

 Many applications depend on being connected to the internet to store or retrieve inform-
ation in a database that is in another computer miles away at times. The purpose of data
transfers cover many reasons like online purchases, uploading and downloading files,
getting the current weather or news, or a host of other reasons.

 Many reasons can affect your connection like sudden severe storms downing trees that
fall on wires, lightning, internal or external equipment failures, power surges, more.

  Businesses that depend on the internet most likely already use software like this one and
depend on it every minute of the day because they know it is essential to be alerted of
internet outages and connection problems to keep their sites up and running.

 Whatever your situation, whether you are a business owner or not we all want to know at
once when our internet connection is lost and know we need to own software to alert us
when there is a problem.
 Buying a lifetime license to Net Check buys you peace of mind and you won't literally be
left in the dark. We've made it easy to get Net Check by clicking on the buy now button below.
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