Command Alexa Software

Command Alexa was created to allow you to have your system voices already installed in Microsoft Windows speak
text phrases for you so you don't have to. Command Alexa does come with a variety of common phrases used with
your echo device but this program also allows you to add any phrase you desire to use. If you only use a few phrases
the ones installed can be deleted and you can just use your own if desired. When adding or removing a phrase Com-
mand Alexa automatically will save the list of phrases to a file so that when you close and reopen the program you
 will notice that your list of phrases has been changed according to the way you want your list of phrases to appear
from your last session using Command Alexa. Command Alexa work with Microsoft Windows.
           Comes with a trackbar you can click to read text aloud faster or slower as desired.
           Just click from the drop down list of voices to switch to another language instantly.
           Use Command Alexa to Command Alexa instead of feeling like Alexa is commanding you.  
           Choose from multiple male or female voices that already are installed in Windows.
           Easily add or remove from the existing list of commands or  list of smart home commands.
           No settings are required. There's nothing to set up after installation.  Just install and run.
           Command Alexa saves any phrases you wish.
           Uses the Alexa wake word automatically but can be changed  easily to any another wake word.
           Comes with 5 diiferent wake words built in for ease of use.
          Newest features lets you time commands by date and time. 
           Set time to speak to Alexa by time and day once, daily, or weekdays
           Turn lights on and off and to  make it look  like your home even when you're not home or on vacation.
           Can act as a burglar deterrent with events you time in advance.
           Turn on and off lights,  turn music off and on by date and time or use to list a long list of commands.
           Use to translate short phrases or to hear text spoken in seven  languages.
          Voices supported: English,  German,  Italian,  Japanese, Simplified Chinese,  Portuguese(Brazilian), Spanish  
         ** Please remember to click the My ID button to copy your hardware I.D. to the clipboard and email it to us.
         ** Command Alexa will try to match this I.D. to our server to verify that you are a registered user.


Lifetime License is $39.99 Click below)