Anti-Glare Screen Dimmer
Once you try Anti-Glare for one day we bet you'll be hooked.
Protect your eyes from macular decay and harmful blue light.
Most people don't realize the harm to your eyes from computer displays.
Full screen colored filter saves your eyes from fatigue by blanketing
your computer screen with soft beautiful luxurious colors.
Prevents computer fatigue, eye strain and headaches and gives your desktop a beautiful new look.
Easy to change colors and brightness.
Improved to be easier to use.
Can be adjusted to a soft shade for all day relief.
Change shade color if desired in a few clicks.
New option to fade out screen filter as your eyes adjust to the light.
Also you can add a photo of your choice that will show up as a stunning semi-transparent photo.
You can adjust the tranparency easily for photos.
New option to automatically lighten your screen as your eyes adjust.
Also saves the darkness level for morning eye protection.
Easy settings.
New low price can't be beat.
For home and work.
One time low payment.
Free support.
Always free upgrades.
Reduced Price.
**Lifetime guarantee aqplies to paid users only. Program issue must be proven.
Refund at our discretion within seven days of issue cheerfully refunded.

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Quick Tips:
Turn up room lighting. Don't work in a dim room
Turn down display color temperature to reduce blue light
Ditch your old montor for a new one.
Re-focus your eyes. Look away from your monitor by habit
Change browser background to off white
Adjust fonts when possible to a comfortable size
Use blue light filtering glasses
Stop sun or light glare from windows and walls near you
Get an eye exam regularly
Get doctor approved eye drops for dry eyes or allergies
Eat steamed carrots, take safe eye vitamin complex
Blink. Blinking creates more eye lubrication
Take a decongestant if you have a cold
Adjust your monitor height 10-15 degrees down at center
Watch out for paper glare. Use a lit stand next to display
Don't watch TV in the dark. People love to. It's the worst
Take a break. Limit your screen viewing time
Don't over dim your display that text becomes blurred
Adjust Anti-Glare to only dim your screen slightly
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